Full Height Shutters

Full height shutters are our hottest style thanks to their iconic look, versatile nature, and robust design. Suitable throughout the house, this iconic shutter covers the complete height of the window and is framed around the panels allowing consistent use throughout and offering a reliable model and elegance to your design.

Light and Privacy Control

For taller windows, full-height shutters are likely to incorporate a horizontal rail dividing the highest and bottom parts of the panels and allowing them to open independently and as a result, help increase light control and maximize privacy.

This style is usually used across for normal windows or bi-folding panels.

  • Best suited to the widest range of window types
  • Separate light control above and below the divider rail
  • Minimal paneling around the slats
  • Sturdy and simple design
  • Versatile for all room types
  • Available in all materials

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